How it Works

Attend 8 GLK events this semester, get your GLK Loyalty Card punched, & you'll be entered in for a variety of prizes! If you attend more than 8 events in a semester? Go ahead, pick up another GLK Loyalty Card! Prizes will be given out in throughout the semester as well!


Turn In Your Card

Make sure you turn in your GLK Loyalty Cards at a GLK event by the end of the semester with your name & email legibly written for a chance to win one of our awesome prizes! GLK will be announcing winners the week of 5/1. Winners will be emailed by a GLK staff member.


Fall 2016 Winners


Rose L

Elizabeth B 

Colin W

Past Winners

Naomi I - $20 Starbucks GC

Pamela E - $50 Barnes & Noble GC

Rohan B - Amazon Fire Stick

Matt D - Beats EarBuds

Elizabeth B - iPad Mini

Dylan F - Starbucks Gift Card

Elizabeth B - fitbit Charge

Sarah M - GoPro Hero

Jay R - Amazon Fire Tablet