Wednesday, 10/29

Fright Night at the Museum

7pm-10pm | Livingston County Museum

Enjoy a night of old time photos, horse drawn carriage rides, & a spooky night in the museum. Sponsored by the Department of Student Life, Geneseo Late Knight, & New Student Programs.

Thursday, 10/30

GLK & AC's Zombie Casino Night

6PM | MCU Ballroom

Test your luck at traditional casino games, like poker, roulette, and craps. While you're waiting to play, stop by our Zombie Station & transform yourself into one of the undead. Free food & enter for a chance to win an iPad at the end of the night.

Friday, 10/31

GLK & BSU's Annual Haunted House

9pm-11pm | Wyoming Hall Basement

The long awaited return of BSU's Annual Haunted House is finally here! The twisted minds who brought you years of terror are back and better than ever! Come experience your FANTASIES and NIGHTMARES collide this Halloween. We promise you won't be able to sleep after this haunted house!

Saturday, 11/1

GLK Sweet Dreams

10PM | MCU Lobby or Knight Spot

Having trouble falling asleep because of Week of Horrors -- afraid there's a monster under your bed? Come to GLK's Sweet Dreams to help you sleep soundly by making dream catchers, pillow cases, slippers, & sip on some hot chocolate to relax. Don't worry, the bed bugs won't bite any more!

*GLK is supported by Mandatory Student Activity Fees, CAS, and the Division of Student and Campus Life *ALL expenses must comply with SA policy (